OWallet: Cosmos x EVM in one Wallet

OWallet supports both Cosmos-based and EVM-based networks including Cosmos Hub, Oraichain, Osmosis, Juno, Ethereum, BSC, and more.
OWallet is developed based on Keplr and MetaMask source code and currently maintained by Oraichain Labs.

OWallet’s key features:

- Support Cosmos-based and EVM-based networks
- Enable IBC transfer
- Improved sending and receiving of CW20 (standard fungible tokens based on Cosmwasm)
- Compatible with Cosmwasm v1-beta1 & v1
- Support Ledger (future)
- Mobile app and Web extension (future)
OWallet source code: https://github.com/oraichain/owallet
OWallet support channel: https://discord.gg/wwjg2ddfzd
OWallet website: https://owallet.dev
* You can create a pull request to add your network.
Last modified 10mo ago